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About us

Macron Software produces and implements WebToDate, the content management system for extensive web portals. In addition, Macron is a major provider of localisation and development services for publishers of multimedia and computer games around the world. WebToDate lies at the core of some of the most important and extensive websites in the Czech Republic, in particular many at the national and regional government level. Our know-how and experience of web publishing allows us to offer a full range of essential services and thorough solutions.

The majority of our multimedia division’s customers are from a variety of countries. Whether it’s authoring multimedia CD-ROMs for new foreign markets or developing an original title, our team of qualified and experienced specialists will ensure that your project is delivered on time and with the highest quality and organisational standards.


WebToDate is the cornerstone of our solutions. It is one of the most popular web content management systems in the Czech Republic and is used by a number of major companies and institutions.

Why choose Macron Software

  • We are no newcomers to the business. Indeed, we have more than a decade‘s experience in web-publishing and multimedia development.
  • We offer market-proven products and dozens of references.
  • Our team of highly experienced professionals has been with us for a long time. We have no need to rely on external resources.
  • We are skilled at project management and communicate with our customers constantly throughout all project phases. Our web-based project management tools make communication smooth and instantaneous.

Our references

Other References...


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